______________ ( name of the reference person & his address)

Apt 15, Rosewood Apartments,

Old Monk St, Tampa.


The Inspector Of Police,

___________ ( applicant local area police station )

Respected sir,

This is in reference to the passport application of _______________,(name of the reference person & his address) a resident of Apt 12, Rosewood Apartments, Old Monk St, Tampa. I confirm that I know _______(name of applicant) for the last six years. He has been staying in my neighborhood for this duration.About him, I would like to say that he is a very 'clean person' - has no issues with anyone in our society and has never been involved in any type of anti-social activities. He is a nice person and also very social. He always participates in our community gatherings. He would always be the first one to respond to any unfortunate incidents that happens in our society. He is a helpful person and tries to help all around him. James also likes to volunteer for all social causes and contributes to charities. He suggests and always comes up with new & innovative ideas for the improvement of our society. So, in my opinion, there should not be any problem for issuing him a passport.


______________(name of the referral person)